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Thimeo Upgrades Stereo Tool 9.30

Now includes possibility to stream a full composite FM signal including pilot and RDS over IP at lower bitrates

UDEN, Netherlands — Thimeo Audio Technology says Stereo Tool 9.30, the latest version of its FM, AM, HD, DAB+ and streaming audio processor, contains many new features and improvements.

MicroMPX, a codec to stream a full composite FM signal including pilot and RDS over an IP connection at lower bitrates, is now built into Stereo Tool, making it possible to stream directly from Stereo Tool to the transmitter. At the transmitter site, explains the firm, all that is needed is a decoder that feeds the transmitter.

In addition, the company has improved the FM final clipper, which Thimeo says sounds much fuller, louder and more transparent.

The company says it has also made improvements to create a more consistent and natural sound in the dynamics section, and for tracks that lack mid-bass, there’s a new mid-bass synthesizer that generates natural sounding mid-bass so that listeners on small speakers still hear bass.

Moreover, Thimeo has added features to the RDS encoder, which now supports EON for large nationwide networks of FM stations, and ODA, used for example, to send traffic information to navigation systems.

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The new “The BIMP” module is a built-in microprocessor, which communicates with the rest of the processing to reduce the total processing latency. Microphone and normal processing combined can be done in under 6 ms for the low latency monitoring output.

For information, contact Thimeo Audio Technology in the Netherlands at [email protected] or visit