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Best of Show: Thimeo StereoTool STXtreme

Audio processor for FM, AM, HD and streaming

We are featuring the products that won the Radio World Best of Show Award at the recent NAB Show. Winners were chosen by a panel of radio engineers and RW editorial staff for their innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. 

Here’s an advanced audio processor for FM, AM, HD and/or streaming that incorporates features of Thimeo’s StereoTool software offering. A sampler of its features:

Delossifier repairs and removes audible MPEG artifacts and restores missing high-frequency audio spectrum. 

Declipper repairs and restores clipped audio, and the FM section optimizes the signal for maximum loudness, dynamics and clarity, helping improve reception in fringe and multipath areas. 

Advanced Composite Clipper by Hans Van Zutphen optimizes the signal for maximum loudness, dynamics and clarity. 

AutoEQ pre-equalizes the incoming audio before the AGC stage, which creates a consistent sound.

Natural Dynamics enhances percussion elements to create a more audibly appealing sound.

Customizable Processing Bands allow the user to choose the number of bands (up to nine) and their frequencies.

Integrated MicroMPX Encoder lets the user send composite audio via IP at bitrates as low as 176 kbps to multiple remote decoders.

RDS Encoder is remote-controllable and capable of the standard PS & RT, as well as RadioText+.  

Touch-friendly HTML5 user interface allows access to every element of the processing suite and can be used from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Shown from left are Hans Van Zutphen and Josh Bohn with Paul.

(Photo credit: Jim Peck)

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