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Special Report: WJEH Goes DARC for Remote Control of AoIP

Summit Technology integrates Arrakis line for West Virginia station

Arrakis Systems, DARC, radio broadcast consoles, virtual audio mixing, WJEH, Summit Technology Group
Arrakis Systems DARC

The author is president, Summit Technology Group. This story is from the Buyer’s Guide section on consoles, routers and mixers.

When deciding to modernize, WJEH(FM) owner Tom Susman found himself faced with a litany of powerful and versatile AoIP options.

The Charleston, W.Va.-based broadcaster considered the workflows in place, and the mix of satellite and local programming aired on the station, before deciding upon the Arrakis DARC Surface.

Summit Technology Group was contracted to, among other projects, install the DARC Surface in late May. The setup includes various presets, all recalled with a touchscreen gesture to allow board operators to easily switch between satellite and live assist as well as configure the console for local baseball remotes.

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“The ability to control levels and call a preset remotely makes the DARC Surface an invaluable tool for broadcasters with unattended studios,” said Dan Hills, senior broadcast and RF engineer for Summit Technology Group.

“Not only is this good for a remote air staff, but it makes supporting the product a trivial task.”

While the initial installation of the DARC Surface at WJEH has solved many workflow challenges, Susman is not done improving the station. Much of the studio gear, including the DARC Surface and automation equipment, will be replicated at the transmitter site for the sake of redundancy.

Hills also notes that the various customization features make installation of the DARC Surface intuitive and helps to save on implementation costs.

Info: Ben Palmer at Arrakis Systems at 1-970-461-0730 or visit