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BW Broadcast Introduces DSPXtreme Six-Band Processor

BW Broadcast Introduces DSPXtreme Six-Band Processor

BW Broadcast is debuting the DSPXtreme broadcast audio processor, calling it a big brother to the company’s DSPX and DSPXtra processors.
The DSPXtreme-FM will be the first to ship in the line.
The processor has a 2 RU form factor and the front contains two LCD color screens, one of which is touch-sensitive. The latter screen eases navigation, setup and control, as buttons, jog wheels and joysticks are not included.
The remote control capabilities of earlier processors have been extended and in addition to the hardwired traditional LAN and serial (RS232) interfaces, the DSPXtreme supports 802.11 WiFi connections. A remote trigger port allows preset selection through contact closures.
The DSPXtreme-FM includes as standard a stereo encoder found in the DSPX and DSPXtra. An option for diversity delay is available so the FM processed path can be delayed to match the HD path.
Also featured are six bands of audio limiting, distortion-controlled clipping and look-ahead limiting; a multipath reducer; real-time clock scheduling or day-parting; user and factory presets, A/B auditioning, sample rate converted digital I/O with sync input, 24-bit 128x oversampled A/D and D/A converters and 28-bit DSP processing.
The company says a range of plug-ins will be available, and that the Ariane leveler is available as an option to replace the standard four-band AGC contained in the unit.
Booth: N-2711 (Broadcasters General Store)