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BW Broadcast Showcases New Encoders

BW Broadcast is bringing its RDS 1, RDS 2 and RDS 3 encoders to Vegas.

BW Broadcast is bringing its RDS 1, RDS 2 and RDS 3 encoders to Vegas.

The rack-mount RDS 1 features a user interface that allows the basic RDS parameters to be controlled with four buttons. The encoder transmits information such as Program Service Name (PS), Program Identification (PI) and Program Type (PTY).

Decoder information and music/speech flag also are supported. Options and settings are controlled from the front LCD display. The unit does not require a computer to set up or operate. Highlights include a virtual earth mixer to mix the RDS with audio, and “standalone mode” RDS output for connection to the RDS input of a compatible transmitter.

The RDS 2 supports scrolling text and time text lists. Users can program up to 8,000 characters of PS into the encoder to provide text transmission possibilities. The supplied Windows program eases programming; it can be used directly or remotely via satellite. All RDS groups are supported, including “real-time” time and date.

The RDS 3 is a dynamic RDS encoder with TCP/IP connectivity. It creates an RDS subcarrier and permits the insertion of static RDS parameters, and can be connected to automation software for automatic display of song titles and singers, etc., on the car receiver (if allowed by the regulation authority). RDS 3 may be controlled through its 10Base T Ethernet port and has an embedded Web server.

Booths: N7330, N7328