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Dazzle Listeners With … a Mic Cable

Showy cable for showy environments

Times are competitive so a broadcaster needs every advantage that can be mustered. So what’s the next edge?

A really cool mic cable, perhaps?

Yes it’s radio, so listeners can’t see the mic cable, but perhaps you’re in a setting where showing off matters. Wireworks has introduced its new Dazzler microphone cables. The Dazzler makes use of Neutrik’s snazzy crystalCON XLR connectors.

And, no, those aren’t rhinestones but genuine Swarovski “Elements” crystals adorning those connectors — at both ends.

The cables themselves are from Wireworks’ premium MusiLUX line. The MusiLUX cables are available in custom lengths and numerous colors.

Wireworks President Gerald Krulewicz said, “Not only are Wireworks new Dazzler microphone cords visually enhanced with Swarovski crystals, but they are functional road-ready cords for everyday professional use.”

Booth: C4147

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