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ERI Offers New Antennas and Filters

Shared aperture FM antennas are for simulcast analog and IBOC

Electronics Research Inc. came to Vegas with new antennas, mask and band-pass filters.

A big announcement is a new group of shared aperture antennas in the Rototiller family of FM antennas.

The shared aperture antennas offer advantages such as operating as an array and easily handling multiplexed signals. They can also operate as directional antennas. They are highly efficient and offer superior isolation (as much as -40 dB analog to digital ratio), the manufacturer says.

For simulcasting FM and IBOC signals, ERI has developed a pair of new sharp-tuned FM mask filters, 970 and 973 iBOX series. The two units allow operation at the new –10dBc power level. They should maintain that power level with spectral regrowth exceeding FCC Mask limits. Both filters are temperature-compensated.

For DMB broadcasters, a VHF band III mask filter is available. The CF534 is a single enclosure filter operable up to 2.5 kW. It too has a temperature-compensated design.

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