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The 2007 NAB Radio show heads to Charlotte

The 2007 NAB Radio show heads to Charlotte

Sep 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps

The Queen City is home to this year’s NAB Radio show. Charlotte, NC, was also nicknamed The Hornet’s Nest after General Cornwallis’ description during the Revolutionary War. The show, no doubt, will do that name proud as it brings together a dizzying hub of new products and sessions set on improvement.

The show, running from Sept. 26-28, at the Charlotte Convention Center, will feature products from more than 100 exhibitors. Some may be familiar, some are brand new. Either way, this issue of Radio magazine guarantees to be an amazing resource. From audio software to codecs, tuners to transmitters, soundcards to databases, antennas, processors, and so much more, you will not be bored on the exhibit room floor. We have included here a plethora of products from some of the 2007 show’s exhibitors.

Sessions this year are focused on reigniting radio. In this year’s SBE Radio Engineering Forum, you will hear about topics such as VSWR measurements, of course HD Radio, and have the opportunity to be certified as a digital radio broadcast specialist. And there are plenty more sessions to attend, with topics including the infinite dial, podcasting and the future of radio. For a session overview, turn to page 54.

Perhaps best of all, the NAB Radio Show is a great place to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. The show is offering a variety of meet and greet sessions, most of which include food, which can never be a bad thing.

So get to the show early and stay late because this year promises to be a mecca of new products, education and networking.

Audio mixer
Booth 227

Bravo: This console has been designed for small- and medium-sized radio stations. The Bravo features two program buses, four mic-line channels, eight dual stereo line inputs and a dual telephone channel with integrated telephone hybrids. Other features include cue bus with integrated loudspeakers and headphone outputs, and an amplified monitor output.
[email protected]

Portable stereo IP codec
Booth 300

Access Portable Stereo Bric IP Codec: Access Portable is a compact, handheld unit capable of sending mono, stereo or dual mono audio over POTS, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi, 3G Cellular (EVDO/UMTS), satellite, and more. Access is also a fully featured POTS codec able to send and receive 15kHz stereo audio on a single POTS line when connecting to another Access. The codec comes with a seven-hour lithium-ion battery with built-in charger and an integrated Card Bus slot for wireless IP cards and modems.
800-237-1776;; [email protected]

Audio software suite
KLZ Innovations
Booth 210

Audiofile: Use the GPI delay system, mic skimmer, audio logger, silence detector and MP3 streamer/extractor simultaneously on all eight channels with this post-broadcast audio suite. Users can choose from two, four, six or eight channels, each pair configured as stereo or dual mono. MP3-archiving, skimming and streaming is built in. Remote access is also included via KLZ Webserver technology. Audio is linear 48kHz PCM. GPI delay requires a GPI interface that includes four opto-coupled inputs, eight relay outputs. The interface features a timeline, channel/date tree, skim segments and three players.
800-334-9640;; [email protected]

IP audio codec
Booth 615

Worldcast Eclipse: The Worldcast Eclipse is a multi-interface, multi-algorithm audio codec that offers Ethernet, X.21/V.35 and ISDN ports providing access to a wide range of networks such as IP, leased line, satellite, microwave and dial-up. Broadcasters can also choose from coding algorithms such as standard and enhanced Apt-x, MPEG 1/2 Layer II/III, MPEG 4 AAC, G.711 and G.722. The codec is designed with a DSP-based architecture. Enhanced 16- and 24-bit Apt-x are standard.
800-955-APTX;;[email protected]

BWF music libraries
Firstcom Music
Booth 600

Music Libraries: Firstcom Music has released its 15 libraries in the Broadcast Wave (BWF) file format. More than 2,000 CDs containing about 40,000 compositions are included in this update.
800-858-8880;;[email protected]

Booth 611

Mosaic: The Mosaic has been upgraded with a pop-up fader display with associated EQ and dynamics information that will place selected information on a user’s VGA screen. It also has Vsnapshot, a scene capture and recall feature, provides a pop-up graphical user interface that will run on a user’s VGA screen. Fifty scene captures are available per control surface, with data saved in user-editable text files. For live radio applications such as location broadcasting or multi-microphone talk show applications, automatic mixing/ducking capability has been added to Logitek consoles. This ramp-up/ramp-down feature allows for smooth transitions between live microphones, reducing background noise and improving intelligibility. Logitek cites Sirius Satellite Radio’s use of this feature for airing Nascar events, where a driver’s radio feed will smoothly duck other race audio while the driver speaks, then will smoothly ramp the race audio back up when the driver stops speaking.
[email protected]

HD Radio tuner
Day Sequerra
Booth 112

M4.2R: Based on the M4.0, the M4.2R provides additional tools to monitor HD Radio broadcast transmissions. This tuner includes six programmable dry, floating alarm relays, RBDS, RF multipath and signal strength displays, an Ethernet interface for streaming PAD data or remote control and the company’s Remote Dashboard software, which lets broadcasters remotely tune the unit, alarm key signal parameters and log their data. The tuner also features full time digital audio output, even when tuned to an analog station.
[email protected]

Streaming service
Booth 204

Streaming service: A new streaming technology, Jetcasting allows each station to have unlimited bandwidth at a fraction of the cost. All streams are scalable and secure. Stations retain 100 percent control of their streams and ad revenue. Users can even design a station player skin to add a logo and color scheme.
917-338-1487;;[email protected]

FM transmitter
Rohde & Schwarz
Booth 529

SR8000: This transmitter is equipped with a digital exciter, provides output power from 100W to 1kW. The digital exciter combines the specs of the analog exciters from the company with the reliability of modern digital signal processing. Due to their compact design, the transmitter occupies a maximum of four height units. All functions are integrated in one box; single frequency network operation is possible.
410-910-7800;;[email protected]

Music scheduling software
Broadcast Software International
Booth 121

Natural Music: Natural Music maintains music library databases, generates daily music logs according to pre-set rules and includes interfaces for most computer automation systems. Natural Music features a virtually unlimited number of songs in the library, 1,225 different music categories, drag-and-drop music-log editing, day part and hour circulation rules, including horizontal separation, and an audit log for troubleshooting.
888-BSI-USA1;;[email protected]

Dummy loads
Coaxial Dynamics
Booth 637

4000 Series: Coaxial Dynamics’ series of low VSWR, high peak power terminations range from 5W to 150W with a frequency range to 4GHz. The VSWR is 1.05:1 maximum to 1GHz and 1.10:1 maximum to 4GHz. The peak power handling capabilities are from 5kW to 25kW with a 1-microsecond pulse width, depending on the model selected. These terminations come with a standard two-year warranty and detachable N Female connectors. There are 26 different Quick Match connector types for this series including male or female SMA, BNC, LC, TNC, SMA, 7/16 and many others.
800-COAXIAL;;[email protected]

Networked audio system
Booth 510

Evolution 6: The E-6 Surface, the E-series Studio Satellite and the E-series Network Switch combine to achieve a cost effective networked audio system. Each studio operates independently yet can share all the sources and mixes through the E-series Network. Switch-without traffic limitations, audio latency, or machine control delays. The E-6 Surface features event recall, bus-minus and mix-minus and four aux mixes-all with dedicated talkback systems. The E-6 also has four monitor outputs and standard EQ, dynamics, panning and mic processing on all channels (simultaneously). It supports multiple arrays of programmable input channel and master panel switches for customized functions like phone, intercom, salvos or machine commands.
[email protected]

Serial LAN extender
Burk Technology
Booth 403

SL-1: Connect two LANs via an existing serial connection, allowing remote IP access without a separate ISP or VPN, with this device. Use it at remote sites where traditional IP connectivity is limited or not feasible. The LAN extender enables wide-scale deployment of IP-based technologies. The unit also brings Web-based setup and diagnostic applications within the reach of studio staff. Personnel at remote sites benefit by gaining access to otherwise unavailable network resources, including email, PDF manuals and wiring documentation. Because the system operates on the same subnet as the local and remote networks, devices integrate seamlessly over any distance, with minimal security obstacles, at speeds anywhere from 4.8kb/s to 115.2kb/s.
800-255-8090;;[email protected]

Audio processor
Booth 226

Digiplexer 2/4: This processor is also a full RDS encoder, a digital and a stereo encoder. It allows I/O remote control and backup audio. The processor uses high-speed DSP to create a stereo signal and radio data messages. With the Ethernet connection and the PC software, configuration is possible from anywhere in the world. The processor features real-time clock for RDS scheduling, two-band audio processing, 2 giga-flops of DSP power, clippers that run at 1.5MHz, LCD screen and Ethernet, USB and RS-232 ports, all in 1RU.
[email protected]

Sound card
Audio Science
Booth 619

ASI6514: The ASI6514 is a professional PCI sound card designed for use in radio broadcast automation. Providing up to 12 play streams mixed to four balanced stereo outputs and up to two record streams fed from one balanced stereo input, the ASI6514 features anything to anywhere mixing and routing. The ASI6514 provides both balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs. The maximum analog input and output level is +24dBu. A choice of uncompressed PCM, MPEG layer 2 and MP3 is available for both recording and playback. All compression is handled by an on-board floating point DSP, allowing the host computer to focus on other tasks.
[email protected]

Upgrade to remote control system
Davicom/Comlab Telecommunications
Booth 632

Next Generation Mini-Mac: This unit shares many features with its big brother, the MAC, but has a limited number of inputs/outputs (eight metering inputs, 16 status inputs, two audio inputs, eight physical relays and one reach-through serial port), and cannot be expanded. Version 5 of the firmware is Daylight Saving Time-ready for North America, offers bilingual voice and screen capability (supporting Unicode character sets), multiple alarm-call lists (for day/night workshifts, weekends or specific events) abd a user-defined log. Configuration and control of Mini-Mac and Mac units is ensured by the included Mac Comm software version 5, which allows customized view screens for each user and site.
418-682-3380;;[email protected]

Broadcast media database
BIA Financial Network
Booth 405

Media Acces Pro v4.2: The improvements in Media Access Pro include information on HD Radio, greater functionality and flexibility in the mapping program, expanded technical information on CP data, the addition of low-power FMs, more detailed information on radio station audience levels, and user requested custom reports and searches to create customized reports at the click of a button. Version 4.2 also includes predefined searches for Cps and move-ins so the user can quickly know the number of Cps in a market, identify overlapping signals from competing stations and determine when a CP will be a new move-in to a local market.
703-818-2425;;[email protected]

Inventory sales tool
Booth 429

Powerbidder: This program is scalable so that general sales managers with multiple stations can enter their rates on one bidding screen and apply them to multiple stations. Advertisers create auctions early in the week for ads they would like to run the following week. Radio stations bid against each other to win an advertiser’s spots. The more auctions in which stations compete, the better their chances of winning auctions and selling last-minute airtime. With Powerbidder, sales managers enter the total number of radio spots they wish to sell across any number of stations, along with gross dollars per spot for each daypart. Powerbidder automatically determines which ads the stations should bid for to sell the most inventory.
[email protected]

AM audio processor
Booth 230

Optimod-AM 9300: Useful for AM shortwave, medium wave and long wave broadcasts, all processing is performed by high-speed mathematical calculations within Motorola DSP56367 digital signal processing chips. The processor’s quick setup wizard walks the user through the setup process. A less/more knob customizes the processor’s factory presets. Most of peak modulation control is performed within the five-band limiter, using multiband distortion-canceling clipping. An all-pass phase scrambler makes peaks more symmetrical to reduce clipping distortion and to allow better control of loudness. The analog input is buffered and immediately followed by an analog-to-digital converter. All processing takes place in the digital domain. The automatic gain controller compensates for operator gain-riding errors.
480-403-8300;;[email protected]

Newsroom production
Booth 217

Prophet Newsgen 1.6: This standalone newsroom software enables reporters to write newscasts, receive and manipulate wire copy and digitally record, edit and playback audio. This upgraded version includes the added ability to ingest wire services via IP, flexibility to run the News Feeder service on multiple CPUs, moving a media file or story to a new category will update the erase date to reflect the new category’s settings, added created date, created user, length and media length columns to the story library, modified e-mail format to send as blind carbon copy, and time and date are now displayed based on regional settings.
[email protected]

AM antenna
Kintronic Labs
Booth 110

Kinstar: The radiation pattern and efficiency of this antenna provide operation equivalent to that of a standard quarter-wave monopole, but at approximately 20 to 25 percent of the height. The low profile antenna consists of four electrically short, vertical, closely spaced elements each of which is terminated in a horizontal top load element. Each vertical element is fed via a phase-matched section of 50V transmission line.
[email protected]

Cellular remote software module
Tieline Technology
Booth 206

3G: A software upgrade for current users, the Commander G3 and I-mix G3 platforms now deliver live nroadcast-quality remotes to the studio via emerging 3G wireless broadband technology. Broadcasters with 3G broadband enabled cell phones can connect from anywhere they can get reliable wireless 3G coverage and deliver FM-quality mono and stereo audio for remote broadcasts. A 3G broadband connection enables data transfer at download speeds of up to 384kb/s and upload speeds of up to 128kb/s.
[email protected]

Guy anchor rod
ERI-Electronics Research
Booth 310

Ultra Guy Anchor Rod: This guy anchor features a port to allow non-destructive ultra-sonic testing of guy anchor integrity, without soil excavation. It’s noninvasive because there is no digging and nondestructive because there is no surface damage. No temporary anchors are required. The equipment provides more detail than visual a inspection, including detection of stress cracks and internal flaws. The rod is Polyethylene sealed and anticorrsive.
[email protected]

Amplifier, exciter
Booth 427

SST-1000C: This system includes the SST-30FS, frequency agile, 30W exciter, broadband SSA-1000C, 1kW amplifier, ac line surge protector and polyphasor lightning protector.SST-30FS includes built-in stereo generator. All chassis are 19″ rack mountable and, when including exciter, amplifier and ac line protector, occupies 11RU of rack space. It includes the SST-30FS limiter. The ac line surge protector has additional ac outlets that can provide line surge protection for processor and STL receiver.
[email protected]

Inline surge protector
LEA International
Booth 200

SL: LEA’s SL is a high performance, inline surge protector ideal for safeguarding UPS and critical loads from damaging transients. The SL is available in single-phase 120V and 240V configurations and is rated for system exposure per IEEE C62.41 Category A.
800-654-8087;;[email protected]

Data delivery program
Enco Systems
Booth 508

Padapult VS: PADapult was introduced in 2005 as a vehicle to enable broadcasters a means of fully automated or manual delivery of program metadata such as artist and title information as HD Radio Program Service Data, RBDS encoders and other information displays. Along with HD Radio’s digital audio signal, or main audio program, there’s also a text stream embedded in the carrier wave. This Program Service Data (PSD) consists of metadata and gives land-based stations capabilities similar to satellite radio services. Text scrolls across the front of the receiver’s LCD panel. Song and artist information and station ID are standard content, but the PSD can also include traffic and weather updates or other information the station provides – even commercials.
800-362-6797;;[email protected]

Radio newsroom system
Burli Software
Booth 610

News Data Ingest: Burli ingests and manages a huge range of data in traditional and emerging formats. More than 50 serial data wires are supported in a variety of formats, languages and character sets. The system provides automatic ingest from FTP sites as well as LAN or WAN locations. The system automatically records from multiple analog or digital audio sources. Clock, threshold and GPI recording triggers are available. Record and manage telephone recordings remotely with DTMF tones. Support for PCM, MP2, BWAV, Cart Chunk and MP3 formats in a variety of sample and bit rates.Built-in RSS reader treats RSS feeds like newswires.
604-684-3140;;[email protected]

AM conductivity software
V-Soft Communications
Booth 605

AM Conductivity v1.0: Version 1.0 of Conductivity for AM radio will automatically identify the correct ground curves to be used based on the field strength measurements it is provided along a specific radial. Breaks in the conductivity will be plotted on the radial’s graph. The program can handle up to five data sets per each radial allowing comparatives. Once given the measurements, Conductivity can construct the actual pattern the station is radiating. Conductivity is a standalone program, or it can be used in tandem with V-Soft Communications’ AM-Pro, which will accept direct file input of the ground conductivity break files.
800-743-3684;;[email protected]

Water-cooled tetrode
Thales Components & Subsystems
Booth 127

TH 594: The new water-cooled tetrode is designed for the high-power digital FM radio broadcast market. It is especially suited to the new IBOC technology, and in general to high-definition radio broadcasting technologies. Thales’ TH 594 tetrode has 40kW anode dissipation and delivers 35kW of continuous wave power, or 60kW peak power. The tetrode incorporates the technologies that have earned Thales tetrodes a reputation for performance and reliability: pyrolytic graphite grids for very high mechanical stability, ensuring optimum high-power performance, and a water-cooled anode (hypervapotron technology) for a high power dissipation rating. At the same time Thales developed a common grid cavity, which is compact, easy to use, and does not require adjustments to the neutralization circuit. Used with the TH 594 tetrode, this cavity enables peak power of 60 kW with a gain of 15.5 dB. The TH 594 tetrode offers the high linearity, long life and ease of installation and operation expected by users.
+33 1 30 70 36 40

Network audio decoder
Barix Technology
Booth 113

Extreamer 1000: The Extreamer 1000 combines Instreamer and Exstreamer technology into a single device, and adds several new features including a host of inputs and outputs not available on previous models, designed specifically for the professional radio broadcaster. Eight contact closures allow broadcasters to transport data information with the audio to trigger and control local announcements, such as station identification, an EAS signal or even local studio cut-ins to a national feed.
866-815-0866;;[email protected]

Play-out and production software
Booth 105

Airshift Studio 2.0: Airshift Studio 2.0 builds on the first version, which is a complete radio production tool covering all main tasks related to radio production. It also allows for production tasks like audio editing, text writing and RSS and podcast publishing in the studio. Version 1.0 runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, and plays MPEG1L2, MP3, OGG, WMA and linear audio formats. The upgrade to this software now features an advanced playlist manager, and serves both cartstack and playlist approach to program production. It also features a new music clock and scheduling feature, and a significant expansion on the range of keyboards and console interfacing possibilities. Airshift Radio 2.0 integrates with the industry standard Ericsson IPX brokerage system.
+35 8 50 365 0577;;[email protected]

Condition monitoring
Booth 117

M2M: Flash Technology will introduce additions to its line of M2M products. The product can monitor and manage non-IT-based assets such as HVAC units, back-up generators, security access instruments, exterior lamps and cooling towers. The monitor can help with predictive maintenance, which can streamline operations. The units in the M2M product line are simple enough to monitor lights at a tower site or complex enough to manage and control a an entire facility’s functions.
[email protected]

Interdigital bandpass filters
Shively Labs
Booth 401

2604, 2612: These interdigital bandpass filters provide filtering in a footprint less than half the size of conventional bandpass filters. The 2604 is designed for use with transmitters up to 2.5kW and the 2612 for transmitters up to 10kW. Both are manufactured for use in HD Radio applications.
[email protected]

Conditional access
NDS Limited
Booth 122

Radioguard: The technology enables pay-per-listen, opt-in and public service on the HD Radio platform. Broadcasters can offer more choices to their listeners, a broader selection of content and more segmentation opportunities for advertisers, all of which provide additional revenue-generating possibilities. The technology will improve radio reading services for the blind, private channels for emergency operators and opt-in events sponsored by advertisers. The technology will encrypt content before it is transmitted over the airwaves, then decrypt it once the radio has received it and verified the entitlement rules.

Analog, digital translator
Armstrong Transmitter
Booth 513

TRX-HD series: Designed to transition a translator station from analog-only broadcasting to digital, the TRX-HD receives an FM station’s entire signal payload over the air, including its HD Radio digital component. The signal content is transferred to the TRX-HD transmit side for retransmission on the translator frequency. The TRX-HD10 provides 10W in the hybrid digital mode, the TRX-HD50 provides 50W hybrid digital, and the TRX-HD100 is a 100W hybrid digital translator. Higher hybrid power levels are achieved by adding an Armstrong solid-state amplifier.
[email protected]

Podcast creation software
Booth 203

One-Click Podcasting: Routine podcast conversions, such as turning an entire talk show into a podcast format, can be configured to happen completely in the background without daily human intervention. When a program specifically produced for podcast is finished, the user clicks the mouse to create the checkmark. When the production is saved, the podcast is automatically created. Whether listeners access the podcast from Itunes or the station’s website, all of the RSS data, ID3 tags and Metadata are automatically created and attached to the file.
888-374-3040;;[email protected]

LPFM antenna
Jampro Antennas
Booth 409

JLCP: This stainless steel, omni-directional antenna is easy to install with a supplied 2″ pole mount. A helix design makes it useful for LPFM broadcasters wanting flexibility. The antenna offers higher V-pol field than similar designs providing better car reception and building penetration. A stacking harness is included when multiple bay arrays are ordered. The antenna features a VSWR 1.5:1 or better �150kHz.
916-383-1177;;[email protected]

Music library
Westar Music
Booth 336

Star Trax: Star Trax contains broadcast-length tracks (60s, 30s and stingers) from the Westar Music Library, plus all of the collection’s Tags, Bridges, Production Elements and Segues, published in 16-bit/44.1kHz.BWF format. A complete set of metadata is embedded in the files, ready for use with asset management software. This production music collection is available on 10 DVD ROM discs, and it currently offers more than 5,300 tracks (26.5GB) of professional music and transitions.
[email protected]

Digital transmitter
Booth 417

FMI 50T: The transmitter offers 50kW FM+HD Radio output with better than 55 percent overall efficiency. It includes the FXI FM+HD Radio exciter and ESP correction technology throughout the RF chain. The transmitter features patented, folded half-wave cavity for better performance and efficiency. It provides low-level combined power levels of 28kW or less.
217-224-9600;;[email protected]

Satellite receiver
Booth 533

XDS-Pro 4: Designed for networks with up to four audio outputs with 32 relays, each live stream can be routed to any of the balanced outputs. Media files can be transmitted into local flash, a local hard disk or onto a mounted network file server (NFS) device. Audio files residing on the mounted device can be inserted into a live or recorded media being output via the MPEG decoder, providing localization into live and stored programming. The XDS-PRO is capable of recording and playing back any broadcast channel. All XDS-PRO4s are equipped with up to 32 programmable form-A relays that can be actuated via network control or ancillary data channels, providing a legacy interface for many existing radio station automation systems.
858-452-2010;;[email protected]

HD Radio STL
Booth 221

Reliable HD Transport: This system features clock packet tunneling that arranges clock packets to be sent during times when no data packets are using the STL bandwidth, facilitating a more accurate measurement of the STL throughput delay. Data rebalancing ensures continuous operation without dropout by creating a constant bit-rate stream, reducing instantaneous STL bandwidth requirements. Its automatic E2X start-up sends the initial control packet only once.
207-947-8200;;[email protected]

Multicast programming
OMT Technologies
Booth 501

HD Now: This service provides HD Radio multicast broadcasters with a way to handle their programming and content needs. With one workstation, stations can create multicast programs by accessing a music library with more than 150,000 music titles or 100 professionally programmed channels in various music formats. Multiple HD Radio channels can be managed remotely from a central location to include customizable music, liner and commercial content that is relevant to each market.
888-665-0501;[email protected]

FM scanning receiver
Booth 504

Band Scanner: The Band Scanner is a tool to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion and to log station identification parameters. The system is powered by the USB port of any Windows PC. Using it with a laptop is useful for gathering data from multiple points in the field. The Band Scanner generates a graph showing RF level vs. frequency for every station in the market. It then analyzes each carrier and creates a station list. Stations with an RBDS presence are further refined to show all the radio data groups being transmitted. Its interface is like a portable radio: It may be tuned manually through the receiver screen or by double-clicking a point on the spectrum plot or an entry on the station list. Spectrum plots may be saved as JPG or BMP files. The RBDS data error level is graphed in a separate window on the receiver screen. The program can be monitored with headphones plugged into a standard 1/8″ jack.
[email protected]

Intercom monitor, talk panel
Sierra Automated Systems
Booth 506

ICM-32: Designed for a variety of broadcast communications, the monitor features 32 separate talk/listen channels, each with a two-line/eight-character VFD display; dial-up listen and talk of any router system source or destination; and mixing of multiple sources for listen with independent volume control adjustment. Connectivity is via Internet, local LAN or directly to the SAS 32KD.
818-840-6749;;[email protected]

Superior Electric
Booth 212

Stabiline SLF: All SLF series UPS are equipped with a front-panel LCD status display. More than 20 UPS statuses and conditions can be displayed. The system produces a true sine wave output voltage waveform. All models are microprocessor controlled and feature a two-stage automatic voltage regulation capability. All models have surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering circuitry to prevent damaging power line transients and noise from reaching your equipment. RF11 telephone jacks are provided on the UPS rear panel for fax/modem use. A RS-232 port is also provided. Other features include 120Vac, 50/60Hz operation, and 500VA, 700VA and 1kVA models.
[email protected]

Personal alert, messaging system
Global Security Systems
Booth 421

Alert FM: Alert FM messages are delivered via GSS Net, a digital network of existing FM transmitters around the United States, to multiple receiving devices equipped with a standard FM chip. This targeted alert and messaging system uses existing FM technology to send mass or personalized alerts about an unfolding emergency to specially-designed receivers or any device equipped with a standard FM chip, such as cell phones, USB drives, smoke detectors, home alarms, clocks or any mobile communication device.
228-255-7220;[email protected]