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ETS Splits the Audio

PA830 divvies up AES/EBU signals with minimal degradation

One signal cable and two destinations, what to do?

Split the signal!

Yet signal splitting involves compromising signal degradation. Even with digital AES/EBU, signal degradation can become an issue at some point down the chain.

Attempting to minimize degradation, the PA830 family from Energy Transformation Systems is a nonpowered system AES/EBU splitter with a 3 dB signal loss at each generation/stop.

The nominal PA830 unit is a female XLR-in to two male XLR-outs while the PA832 is the opposite with a male XLR-in to two female XLR-outs. A panelized version has four in channels split for a total of eight outs following the PA830 configuration.

Prices for the PA830 and PA832 are $84.60 while the rackmounted PA835 goes for $360. Here’s a spec sheet (PDF).