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Check Out These Views

Readers share pretty snapshots of their local radio facilities

Radio World loves to receive photographs that capture the allure of radio. Recently, we put out a call to our readership asking for pretty pictures of their facilities, and they did not disappoint!

You can find a selection of snapshots from readers across the U.S. below. Want to share your own pics? We welcome all photos that capture the wonder of radio. Email them to [email protected].

A striking silhouette of the famous Sutro Tower in San Francisco, courtesy of Leonard Krubner, who says, “my main connection to Sutro Tower radio broadcasting is that both 96.5 and 103.7 are saved as presets in my car.” FM stations that transmit from Sutro include KOIT (96.5), KSOL (98.9), KOSF (103.7), and KNBR-FM (104.5).
A stunning view of West Lake Hills in Texas (on the south side of the Colorado River), courtesy of Rojith Thomas, the technology coordinator for KUT/KUTX Radio (Austin NPR). The antennas serve KUT 90.5, KUTX 98.9, KMFA, KTFO, KKMJ, KHFI, KMMJ and KLBJ. “Most FM players have antenna in that area,” says Thomas.
William Harrison, chief engineer for WETA(FM), shares this pic of the WETA tower in Arlington, Va. It was built back in 1949 and is the main transmitter site for WETA(FM), two other FM stations and the aux transmitter site for three FMs and a TV.

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