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Take In the Sights (Radio Sites That Is!)

Readers continue to share pretty snapshots of their local radio facilities

Radio World loves to receive photographs that capture the allure of radio. Recently, we put out a call to our readership asking for pretty pictures of their facilities, and they did not disappoint! 

You can find a selection of snapshots from readers across the U.S. below. Want to share your own pics? We welcome all photos that capture the wonder of radio. Email them to [email protected]

Take in this winter photo from 2022 of the Rib Mountain Tower in Wausau, Wisconsin! “This is the transmitter site for our station, WHRM TV & FM as well as our office,” wrote Phil Langston. “This is also the site for the several other broadcast stations as well as NOAA Weather Radio and numerous other communications facilities.”
Check out this shortwave transmitting facility quietly operating in Monticello, Maine, courtesy of Allan and Angela Weiner. “At 500 kW with an ERP of 20 MW, we are one of the most powerful shortwave stations in the USA,” said Allan. “The antenna is an Ampegon, fully rotatable, model 4-4. The only one of its kind in North America.”
Here are even more pretty flowers! This photo of KSPN(AM)’s facilities in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles (courtesy of Mike Worrall) showcases a transmitter site surrounded by the state flower, the California Golden Poppy. “Now owned by Good Karma Media, the station was for many years owned by Gene Autry’s appropriately named Golden West Broadcasting,” said Worrall. “The poppies appear briefly every spring, more so in years with lots of rain.”


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