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Gaule Broadcasting Taps Its Shingle

Voice work for noncoms is free, commercial pays a little more

Veteran broadcaster Gerald Gaule lets us know that he’s available for a variety of broadcast duties — his bread and butter is voice over work. He does commercials, liners, announcements, voice tracking and more. He provides finished products as MP3 or WAV files, 128 kbps of 44.1 kHz. 

Gaule has done a lot of work for reading services, so he has a soft spot for them and other nonprofits/noncommercials (and LPFMs). How soft? He says he won’t charge them for work. But he does charge commercial stations and networks. 

As a broadcast vet with a career stretching back to 1975, Gaule also offers some consultation and engineering services (yes, he’s done it all). He’s based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, Wash., to be precise.

Gaule can be contacted at [email protected] or (360) 550-6840.