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Godlyke Has the Power

'Mounting Tape' aims to stick around

Godlyke Distributing, better known in the MI market, has a product that might be of interest to radio engineers called Power-All Power-Grip.

Power-All Power-Grip is an adhesive-backed “mounting tape” designed to get around an issue associated with hook and loop fastener tapes, namely, the hooks and loops can get clogged up and their ability to adhere to one another diminishes after repeated usage.

The design of the Power-Grip tape uses mushroom-like “stems” that perform both duties. Besides added efficiency there’s never the possibility of ending up with male-male or female-female pairings.

Power-Grip uses a temperature- and weather-resistant adhesive should be “near-permanent” when cured for 24 hours, according to a release from Godlyke.

It is available in one meter-length rolls at an MSRP of $24.95.