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Grace Digital Audio Offers ‘Bookshelf’ Internet Radio

System is shipping now

What place does Internet radio, distributed to your receiver via Wi-Fi, have in your home?

The market continues to intrigue. Internet radio company Grace Digital Audio now has announced availability of its Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System. Grace says it’s the first Internet radio system to incorporate two bookshelf speakers and 802.11n connectivity.

The company says its micro-system is good for those who want a “concert” experience without the hassle of setting up a full home audio system. It is compatible with Pandora, Sirius XM Internet Radio, CBS Radio, iheartradio,, MP3Tunes, NPR, National Weather Service, and new for 2011, WeatherBug and Rhapsody on-demand music service. The unit features RCA inputs and a USB connection, so that users can connect their iPod, CD player or PC.

The micro-system is available now at various U.S. retailers, listing for $249.99.