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Harris Says NetXpress More Efficient Transport Than T1

Harris Says NetXpress More Efficient Transport Than T1

Harris said it will showcase the Intraplex NetXpress managed platform for transport of multiple services, including audio, data and PBX telephone communications, over Internet Protocol.
The company says this ability offers a more efficient transport network than separate wired T1 circuits, microwave or fiber T1/E1 circuits and individual codecs.
Features include voice and echo cancellation, T1/E1 circuit emulation and forward error correction.
Radio broadcasters, Harris says, often have to deal with “slapback,” which can render a phone service unusable due to voice echo during conversation. The voice and echo cancellation feature removes the “slapback” effect from the telephone call.
The T1/E1 circuit emulation feature eases the transition to IP by allowing stations to migrate at their leisure. NetXpress offers a T1/E1 port to support earlier Intraplex platforms and modules. Users can simultaneously transport multiple services over IP and T1/E1, which Harris says lets stations gradually transition and provides an additional level of redundancy.
The forward error correction feature improves the reliability of IP transport by introducing a known structure into the data sequence prior to transport and comparing information sent with existing information. This allows the platform to rebuild lost or dropped packets, which restores the original audio quality before playout.
Additionally, Harris is presenting papers on its presence in the audio-over-IP market. Bob Band, international channel sales manager for Harris Broadcast Communications Networking Solutions, is presenting “A Primer on IP Audio Networking.” Steve Edie, product manager for Harris Broadcast Communications Intraplex Products, is presenting “Advantages of an Integrated Audio Transport System.”
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