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IBC Sneak Peek: 2wcom Debuts MM01, FM2TS

New, versatile solutions for audio-over-IP contribution/distribution

2wcom’s MM01 is a compact multi-role AoIP contribution and distribution device. For studio-transmitter link applications, the MM01 provides advanced redundancy capability and monitoring functions, and integration into diverse infrastructures. Microsecond-accuracy makes it suitable for applications where precise timing is essential, such as SFN FM networks, says the firm.

Combining encoder and decoder functionality with comprehensive codec support including AAC and eAPTX, MM01 also offers dual streaming and Pro MPEG FEC. According to 2wcom, remote monitoring and maintenance through asymmetric audio return channel and system audio data log functionality further reduce both cap-ex and op-ex.

FM2TS is an eight-channel FM-to-MPEG transport stream IP gateway for providing FM audio to cable broadcasters, streamingeight FM channels for quality assurance, or transmitting gap fillers and rebroadcasting. FM2TS, says 2wcom, combines high signal immunity (up to 120dBμV RF) input, advanced FM capabilities including programmable FM tuner parameters such as soft mute, and stereo-to-mono blending, with RDS data forwarding and robust Pro MPEG FECIP performance.

FM2TS features monitoring of FM and RDS parameters (PI, PS), alarm reporting via e-mail, SNMP, Web interface, with audio live streaming in MPEG 1/2, AAC-LC/LD, and HE-AAC formats.

IBC stand: 8.E78