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IBC SNEAK PEEK: RCS Upgrades Zetta

Living Log improves workflow

RCS, a leading radio automation manufacturer, says its Zetta automation system is the result of decades of experience and feedback from the users of the company’s NexGen Digital and Master Control studio systems. 

The modular design, combined with an ability to scale, integrate and create, perfect workflow, is limited only by the imagination, it says. That can make it a perfect choice for small, medium or large enterprise broadcast operations. Zetta can be everything in one box, or it can be on multiple sites to scale and distribute services horizontally.

Everyone has their own version of the perfect workflow. The RCS Living Log offers an advanced level of integration which enables a multitude of workflow concepts. In Zetta there’s no need to wait for a refresh, because updates are instantly reflected everywhere.

Though Zetta has a lot of moving parts it is very stable. Behind the curtains, each function has a launcher app, which will restart a service if it stops unexpectedly. In other words, the Sequencer is separate from the audio playout, and separate from the user interface as well.

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Adhering to warnings of always having a backup, Zetta is ready. Every computer in a Zetta system can be configured to Go Local with Zetta. This means the local computer will use a copy of the main database that is saved and synchronized on the local hard drive.

To handle needs for users away from the office, inspiration or last-minute changes, Zetta’s Zetta 2GO app can control the Zetta automation/playout system from any mobile device. Use it to manipulate what’s on the air, wherever there’s an internet connection.

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