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IBC SNEAK PEEK: Thimeo Unveils New, Updated Products

Stereo Tool 9 features new processing core, and more

Thimeo Audio Technology says its Stereo Tool 9 features a new processing core for enhanced performance, especially at low latencies with a built-in microphone processor. According to Thimeo, the complete processing latency, including microphone processing, can be as low as 5.5 ms.

In addition, says the firm, the entire dynamics engine has been rewritten and improved; the AGC, Auto EQ and compressors have been redesigned to sound more natural and bigger than ever before. “They move fast when they have to, but stand still when they can, which gives a very non-fatiguing sound,” explains the company. “And the new bass clipper gives a richer and warmer bass.”

Thimeo adds that the built-in RDS encoder offers features that are typically only found in high-end standalone units, such as support for TMC (traffic information for navigation systems) and EON.

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Finally, Stereo Tool 9 has a built-in MicroMPX encoder, which encodes the full MPX signal, including pilot and RDS, at a bitrate of 320 kbps, which the company claims offers “perfect peak control and no MPEG-like artifacts, as well as automatic synchronization of multiple transmitters.”

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