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IBC2018: 2wcom Shows FlexNsert+ and FlexXtract+

Lets users distribute DAB and DAB+ via satellite

2wcom is highlighting its FlexNsert+ and FlexXtract+ solutions for DAB and DAB+ over satellite at IBC2018.

Already in operation at national broadcasters in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands, 2wcom says that when FlexNsert+ and FlexXtract+ are integrated into the DAB/DAB+ transmission chain, broadcasters can use existing legacy (ETI) as well as IP-capable transmitters (EDI).

The systems permits users to distribute DAB signals via satellite for remote and rural areas not served by IP landlines or direct beam connections. Synchronous playout is possible due to the time stamp contained in the DAB+ signal. Both devices can be used as a complete DAB over SAT backup to ensure signal distribution in case the DAB transmission is interrupted.

At the uplink site the FlexNsert+ DAB+ receives a DAB ETI data system (according to EN 300799), converts it into a standard MPEG2-TS signal and outputs the signal via its transport stream interfaces (IP and ASI). In addition, says 2wcom, by activating 2wcom’s advanced function “FlexOptimized Bandwidth Saving Technology” users can save up to 45 percent of the bandwidth.

At the downlink site, the FlexXtract+ demodulates incoming EDI data via IP, ASI (MPE) or from a DVB-S or DVB-S2 signal (MPE or GSE) and converts the incoming DAB data stream (EDI) into a standard ETI signal (according to EN 300799) or forwards the EDI IP stream (according to TS 102 693) to the DAB transmitters.

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If the input signal is coming from an FlexNsert+ and contains a bandwidth optimized ETI encapsulated into MPEG TS stream, the FlexXtract+ can also convert the ETI signal into an EDI stream for added flexibility between older supply chains and newer transmission sites. Feeds via E1 and satellite, which are used in parallel in one system, can be processed and synchronized for playout by FlexXtract.

IBC Stand: 8.E78


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