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Inovonics Will Introduce Model 730 RDS/RBDS Encoder

New model is TCP/IP-capable and builds on the Model 713.

(click thumbnail)Inovonics will announce a new RDS/RBDS encoder this week.

The Model 730 is a TCP/IP-capable encoder that builds on the company’s Model 713. Features include a front-panel knob that allows virtually every setting to be viewed and modified. This includes settings like PI, PTY, DPS, IP, IP-Port#s, AFs, time-date and RS-232 baud rate.

A built-in dynamic DNS client service allows a “static IP-name” while being behind a dynamic IP address. The unit has improved RAW command with FIFO buffer, which incorporates flexible Free-Format Group redundancy (for example: RT+ and TMC).

It supports DHCP and manual IP; either is configurable from the knob and LCD. The MAC address is visible from the front-panel LCD as well.

The Model 730 includes automatic RDS Group 4, Clock Time/Date packets. When connected to the Internet, the internal clock is updated automatically.

Its internal Daylight Saving Time scheduler can change the clock for up to 10 years. Scheduler capabilities allow a planned scrolling PS message independent of an automation system. It allows events to be saved as either a one-time event (date+time, then expires) or a recurring event (M,T,W,Th,F+time, never repeats). The user can schedule up to 99 events this way.

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