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JK Audio Upgrades the RIU-IP

Remote interface is now compatible with more innkeepers

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JK Audio, specialist in all manner of interface widgets, has reintroduced and upgraded its RIU-IP remote interface.

The new RIU-IP is now compatible with the innkeeper 1x/1rx, innkeeper 2 and innkeeper 4 digital hybrids.

The RIU-IP, housed in a small, mountable utility-style box, utilizes a web server to control innkeepers attached to the Internet via Ethernet IP.

Commands available include on-hook and off-hook control; place call on hold or release hold (innkeeper 2 and 4); DTMF dialing; set auto-answer and ring count; start and stop conference (innkeeper 2); adjust transmit and receive level per line (innkeeper 2 and 4); test tone start/stop per line and master send configuration (innkeeper 2 and 4). Expected price is $345.