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Kneller Chooses Dielectric DCT-Ts

Antennas are put to use in two translator projects

WMDD_Dielectric_Antenna_FMTranslator (1)From our Who’s Buying What page: antenna maker Dielectric said consultant Hal Kneller specified DCR-T antennas for FM translators for AM stations WSRQ(AM) in Sarasota, Fla., and WMDD in Fajardo, P.R.

“WSRQ’s translator for 106.9 FM (W295BH) is part of a blended SFN and simulcasting network that synchronizes programming across four stations in the Sarasota/Bradenton market,” the company stated.

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“In an effort to improve coverage the 250 W translator, previously located in Bradenton, was moved to Sarasota following FCC approval. While the move would establish a stronger signal with better building penetration, the existing ‘budget antenna’ had suffered recent water damage and would not suit the signal’s new directional pattern,” Dielectric wrote in a project summary.

Dielectric, WRSQ, Hal Kneller, translators
Inside the transmitter shack at WSRQ

“Kneller kept the station on the air with a backup system while the one-bay DCR-T antenna was installed on its new tower, which he described as ‘very busy and loaded.’ The compact DCR-T design was top-mounted on the 475-foot tower, using a tower pipe initially intended for cellular antennas. The top-mounted position, combined with the directional pattern designed for the translator, has substantially improved the translator’s effectiveness in the all-important Sarasota area.”

Kneller is using two Dielectric FM filters for the Sarasota transmitter building, with one feeding 106.9 MHz and the other feeding a system on 99.1 FM.

The WMDD system in Puerto Rico simulcasts the main AM signal on 106.5 MHz. The translator is 30 miles outside of San Juan; the translator is on the AM station’s 400-foot tower.

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