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Lawo Announces Version 4.16 for mc² Desks

Software update for mc² series mixing consoles allows users to increase channels

As a response to the need for increased DSP performance, Lawo recently introduced the version 4.16 software upgrade for its mc² series mixing consoles.

The new version allows Lawo mc² users to expand the number of available DSP channels from 48 to 96, boosting the overall DSP performance to up to 888 channels.

The updated software, available to customers free of charge, includes “Broadcast Channels,” a feature set adapted specifically for broadcast applications, using simplified signal flow while maintaining sound quality.

Version 4.16, which the company said, supports the Lawo DALLIS mic card for high dynamics at minimal distortion and low latency, permits sound engineers to either select the 48 “classic” or the 96 “Broadcast Channels” for the DSP boards — switchable on the fly.

The version 4.16 software update is available for registered Lawo customers via the Lawo Download Center.