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Logitek Adds Dugan Interface

Can now connect to external devices made by Dan Dugan Sound Design

Logitek has announced an addition of an interface to its JetStream Plus IP network router.

The new interface works with automixers from Dan Dugan Sound Design. This allows for the addition of eight post-fader inserts, analog, AES or audio over IP, that will work with the Dugan Speech System algorithm for automixing duties with broadcast profiles featuring multiple microphones.

Logitek President Tag Borland said, “Customers have been asking us for Dugan interconnectivity for some time,” adding, “Automixers are widely used for talk shows, sportscasts and live events where multiple live microphones need to be supported. With the addition of these insert points to the JetStream Plus, we can now offer customers a mixing console with full broadcast functionality along with the convenience of automixing.”