MMTC Favors Mandating IBOC in Satellite Radios

Minority group also likes the idea of a 'seamless scan'
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The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council says the FCC should require most SDARS receivers to also be capable of receiving HD Radio signals.

Without such a requirement, it wrote, "Sirius XM could use its satellite monopoly in the marketplace, the cost savings generated from the merger, and its relationships with equipment manufacturers and retailers to retard the growth of terrestrial services." The group wrote in reply comments this week with the commission on the issue of whether HD Radio should be mandated in sat tuners.

The commission does have the authority for the mandate, says MMTC, because the agency may regulate contracts between licensees and third parties to the extent that doing so would fulfill its mandate to promote the "effective use of radio in the public interest."

MMTC also endorses what it calls a "seamless scan" of analog AM, FM, HD and SDARS signals in SDARS receivers.


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