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Monroe/DAS Upgrade Software

DASDEC-II line and Monroe One-Net SE enhanced

Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems stablemate have announced a major whole number software upgrade for its DASDEC-II and Monroe One-Net SE products.

Version 4.0 offers a complete operating system upgrade along with new tools, security patches and enhancements, the company says. A release adds that the upgrade also includes Triggered Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Polling, a tool for presenting more complete alert information to the public and support for the new Blue Alert (BLU) Emergency Alert System (EAS) code.

The Triggered CAP Polling feature aims to organize CAP and EAS messages by matching EAS and CAP messages.

Version 4.0 also supports the HALO EAS management system.

On the security side a new log-in process is designed to prevent hacking of improperly secured units. Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics Vice President of Business Development Bill Robertson said, “The continuing threat of hackers and the juicy prize of attacking an EAS device make cybersecurity a paramount consideration in EAS system design. … Version 4.0 addresses today’s security issues.”

According to the company: “Any customer having purchased a unit or upgraded a system since the initial announcement in March will receive Version 4.0 at no charge. For others who use Version 3.0 software systems, Version 4.0 is available at a cost of $495. Users of earlier-generation software will need to upgrade devices to Version 3.0 before they can upgrade to Version 4.0 and take advantage of its new features and capabilities.”

Version 4.0 software upgrade applies only to DASDEC-II and Monroe One-Net SE devices, the company says. Older products such as the DASDEC-I and original One-Net devices cannot be upgraded, but users can take advantage of an upgrade/exchange program, according to the company. Existing license keys, logs, and configuration files can be transferred to the new platform.

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