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More IP Intercoms From Axia

Desktop devices expand system offerings

Axia Audio’s IP intercom system has added two new members for desktop use, the IC.20D and IC.1D.

These are desktop versions of the IC.20 and IC.1 rackmounted products, respectively (though the IC.1D is slightly upgraded with 20 presets rather than 10).

The IC.20D, the larger of the two, handles 20 presets; it has a built-in speaker, display screen and a numeric keypad for dialing out. It has a number of system controls such as group talk and mute. The IC.1D has 20 dedicated preset buttons, an OLED callback window for providing call information and a built-in mic.

Both units can be controlled remotely via a browser. They also have Axia’s Advanced Echo Cancellation technology for handling feedback. Connection is made via a Cat-5 cable.

They are compatible with the Livewire network system.