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NAB Sneak Peek: Inovonics Releases New Processor

New multipurpose INOmini 223 follows the 222

Inovonics is bringing to Las Vegas a new INOmini processor that meets multiple broadcast needs.

The company says that the 223 is a quick, menu-driven, application-specific processor designed for NRSC, European or shortwave AM broadcast; Traveler’s Information Service; monaural U.S. or European FM; analog SCA applications. 

Features include gated and windowed “gain-riding” AGC, three-band compression with adjustable EQ, and a “lookahead” final limiter coupled with overshoot-controlled multiple cutoff output filtering to suit a variety of uses.

The 223 is an alternative to the Inovonics 222 AM NRSC compliance processor that has been in continuous production since 1987.

The 223 finds ready application with other broadcast services including: asymmetrical NRSC-compliant AM processing with 10 kHz, 9 kHz, 7 kHz and 5 kHz brickwall cutoffs; processing for TIS roadside information transmissions, stressing optimum-but-natural speech intelligibility; comprehensive monaural-FM processing for low-power and temporary installations; or an analog-SCA processing mode with smooth, peak-free response for spoken-word and background music services.

The 223 has an intuitive menu-driven user interface. All modes employ protection-limited pre-emphasis and bandwidth constraint specific to the service selected. The triband compressor section has selectable turnover frequencies, and its unique “smooth vs. loud” adjustment gives clear-cut control over program density.

The compact 1/3-rack-size unit integrates with other Inovonics INOmini products, including RDS encoders and decoders, AM/FM/HD Radio confidence monitors with IP control and streaming audio, and other economic problem-solvers for broadcasters.

NAB Show Booth: N3135

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