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NAB Sneak Peek: New Receiver for Inovonics

Aaron 655 handles HD Radio and more

Inovonics will bring a new rebroadcast receiver to Las Vegas.

The Aaron 655 handles FM and HD Radio signals along with analog, AES-digital and streaming program inputs.

In addition it has a processing chain that includes “gated and ‘windowed’ AGC, a unique ‘syllabic’ leveler, three bands of compression, and both wideband and independent HF limiting.” And “four sections of parametric EQ, a ‘Bass Punch’ utility, independent Density and Loud/Smooth adjustments, and variable composite processing round-out the processing function.”

There’s also an onboard RDS encoder that can also regenerate incoming RDS and/or reformat HD Radio PAD for RDS retransmission.

Naturally, the Aaron 655 is web-enabled for remote operation of all of its features. Notifications and alarms are available via email or SNMP.

NAB Show Booth: N8029