NAB Sneak Peek: Redding Displays Schoeps Headset

Schoeps microphone matched with Ultrasone headphones in headset package
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The NAB Show floor (actually floors) is massive. It would be impossible to truly see everything so unless you are a specialist with a defined booth list, you’re probably going to miss treasures at the smaller booths lodged between the bigger spreads.

Such a case is the Schoeps HSC 4VXP headsets, distributed in the United States by Redding Audio.

The HSC 4VXP matches a Schoeps CCM 4VXS cardioid microphone with Ultrasone HFI 680 closed-back headphones.

Schoeps says that the mic “offers a steep bass rolloff and a mild high-frequency boost. It is designed for lateral sound pickup at the shortest possible distance, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth. Proximity effect compensates for its low-frequency rolloff such that the microphone has an even frequency response for the person speaking, while background noise encounters the full response rolloff and is greatly reduced.”

The opposite-side earcup can be rotated away from the ear. A swappable B5 pop screen is included.

NAB Show Booth: C2849