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Nautel Goes for High Power

60–80 kW transmitters added to the GV line

Nautel is thinking big for its latest additions to the GV line of FM transmitters.

The GV60 and GV80 (shown) are IBOC-capable. According to Nautel they offer a 15% improvement in efficiency.

Of course the line operates with Nautel’s Advanced User Interface for local and remote operation and monitoring. Other features include automatic failover at silence detection, Shoutcast and IceCast streaming input, PushRadio with scheduler and play lists, MER instrumentation, HD PowerBoost, SNMP support, Axia Livewire IP audio networking, MPX over AES and optional Orban Inside onboard audio processing.

Units have a dual-cabinet design with hot-swappable power supplies. The power supplies have a 90–265 V range for handle dicey power conditions.

Nautel President and CEO Kevin Rodgers said, “Our engineers, responding to excellent customer suggestions, have continued to push the limits on high power FM technologies. … These transmitters represent a level of performance and operational capabilities that were simply a dream only a few short years ago.”