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Neumann Debuts TLM 49, Uses K 47 Capsule

Neumann Debuts TLM 49, Uses K 47 Capsule

Neumann says its TLM 49 large-diaphragm, cardioid studio microphone is suitable for vocal and speech recordings, its retro design inspired by the company’s mics of the 1950s.
The TLM 49 employs the K 47 capsule, which also was featured in the M 49 and the U 47. The capsule has a linear frequency response up to the upper mid-range. Above 2 kHz there is a presence boost up to 3 dB. An acoustically open head grille encloses the capsule. The large 34 mm diaphragm cardioid capsule has a tendency toward supercardioid performance due to the capsule construction.
The TLM 49 operates at SPLs of up to 114 dB without distortion, and a dynamic range of 102 dB. Additionally the TLM 49 is suitable for instrumental applications in professional production studios and home recordings.
The mic comes with a matte, nickel finish and an EA 3 elastic suspension case. The company says the interior structure is mounted elastically to prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise, and the capsule is mounted with a rubber shock-mount.
Booth: N1822 (Sennheiser)