Neutrik Goes Outdoors

Develops new weather-resistant connectors
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Connectors specialist Neutrik has announced a line of weather-resistant connectors based on currently available offerings.

Neutrik TOP

The True Outdoor Protection — TOP — series consists of weatherized versions of powerCON True1, etherCON and XLR connectors. These toughened-up connectors are IP65-rated and UV-resistant and are certified to connector standards IEC 61076-2-103, IEC 60320, UL 1977 and UL 498 as well as UL 50E.

The powerCON TRUE1 TOP offers the same input and output cable and chassis connectors as the standard powerCON TRUE1 series and has the same features including breaking capacity under load, IP65 weather resistance, direct cable-to-cable coupling, and a variety of input, output, and duplex in/out chassis connectors.

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The etherCON TOP products feature RJ45 cable carriers in two colors; Cat-5 chassis connectors for vertical PCB mounting, horizontal PCB mounting, and D-size feedthrough; and an SE8FD-TOP outdoor assembly kit

The XLR connectors come in three-pin and five-pin versions along with male and female D-size chassis connectors and a UV resistant chassis connector protection cap and gold-plated contacts.

Neutrik USA President Peter Milbery said, “Weather influences — particularly moisture, dust, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays — can have a profound impact on the quality of signals commonly found in live event production. The new True Outdoor Protection group of products is specifically engineered to provide robust, optimized performance under the most challenging conditions.”

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