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Omnia Takes the AXE to AX Users

Legacy users get free upgrade to new processor/encoder

Omnia Audio has a new processor/encoder application, A/XE. It basically takes the older A/X processor and adds an encoder along with a few upgrades and new features.

And speaking of upgrade, A/X users are not left out in the cold because the folks at Omnia are offering a free upgrade to A/XE.

A/XE features include a wideband AGC, three-band compressor/limiter, EQ, a low-pass filter, a look-ahead final limiter and a “virtual audio cable.”

A/XE can process and encode multiple inputs simultaneously and in varying formats. Onboard encoders are AAC (LC-AAC and HE-AAC) and MP3 (8 kbps, 11.025 kHz, mono to 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo). It should be compatible with third-party digital streaming applications such as SHOUTcast, Icecast, Windows Media Server, Wowza, Adobe Flash, et al.

It also interfaces with Axia Livewire networks.

The virtual audio cable allows AX/E to interface internally with other audio programs resident on the host computer.