Pinta Ships Phonstop

Wall tile uses recycled glass
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Pinta acoustic is using recycled glass to make its latest creation, Phonstop.

The product uses "sintered" glass to "form a rigid, lightweight and porous sound absorber."

Phonstop V is an adherable wall tile with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.90. It is available in sizes of 24 x 24 x 2 inches as well as 24 x 48 x 2 inches. One side offers a square edge while the other offers a beveled edge. The paintable tiles are weather-resistant and ship natural gray.

Phonstop E is a ceiling tile with a 0.70 NRC. It is available in sizes of 24 inches x 24 inches x 1 inch and 24 inches x 48 inches x 1 inch. The gray tiles are compatible with standard ceiling grid frameworks. Both tiles should be LEED credit eligible.