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Pounding the Board

Computer keyboard for the sloppy board op

Admittedly the Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard may not be the first item of studio equipment to come to mind when you’re planning a buildout. However.

Aimed at computer gaming fanatics that bang on the keyboard and spill their Monster energy drinks on them, the Mech4 is designed for wear and tear and promises to be spillproof.

How useful that would be for late night and early morning hosts and board operators whose spillage tendencies are legendary and whose key pounding can be heard in the lobby. Manufacturer AZiO says that the keys are guaranteed for 50 million keystrokes each. That sounds like a lot.

The USB keyboard has a detachable numeric keypad and a separate programmable macro key pad as well. Five more programmable macro keys are on the main board.

It is a Windows XP/Vista/7 device. Price: $109.99.