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2wcom IP-4c Has Many Faces

Rackmount codec has four channels and many options for application customization

2wcom, IP-4c, audio codecs, IP audio codecsThe IP-4c from 2wcom is a four-channel rackmount codec.

With multiple channels it can feed more targets than the typical two-channel codec. According to 2wcom besides a standard codec it can be a streaming/transcoding encoder working with new media targets such as a CDN; aid FM or web streaming; and a gateway for DVB transport with cable or satellite distribution. It can operate in unicast, multiple unicast or multicast modes.

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It supports major digital protocols such as AES67, Dante, Ravenna, WheatNet and Livewire+. Error correction schemes include Pro MPEG and streaming redundancy along with audio failover options.

For operation and transcoding G.711, G.722, MPEG1 Layer 2, MPEG2 Layer 3, AAC-ELDv2, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, PCM, Enhanced aptX are onboard. xHE-AAC and Dolby E and Digital plus are optional.

Program synchronization is achieved with synchronization is achievable by NTP, PTPv2 (Precision Time Protocol) and 1PPS (1 Pulse Per Second).

The IP-4c can be remotely operated with a web interface. There is also a server software version for cloud networking operation. An FM tuner option is available for monitoring signal functions.