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AEQ Notes Applications for Talent

Firmware update expands IP codec’s support for remote mixing and event uses

AEQ has released an application note about its Talent codec, which was introduced last year. It said users who update their firmware can enable fresh applications for this desktop stereo IP device.

For combining voice delivery with external audio, a user can use the codec’s Bluetooth connection and/or line-in to connect it to a smartphone or PC and mix audio from files, streaming, voice notes and pre-recorded clips. The audio from the mic is mixed with the phone or external audio before transmission. Local program audio can also be sent to the phone, PC or audio device for recording and mixing.

For live interviews, a user can call by phone and remotely interview another person while sending the program to the studio. “Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, Talent can be connected to a smartphone and make live interviews by GSM telephony or through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and others, which give a higher quality to the interviewee’s voice,” according to the company.

The voice of the interviewee is mixed with the Talent microphone and sent compressed by IP to the studio console. Simultaneously the mic connected to Talent “is sent clean to the phone to keep the conversation going, although the interviewee can also be given feedback from the studio.”

And for audio at events such as sports, commentary can be sent from the microphone and mixed with the PA audio of the event using the Bluetooth connection or an auxiliary input. “With the help of apps, you can even use your phone as an external microphone for an interview or binaurally capture ambient sound.”