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AEQ Starts Shipping Xpeak

New intercom system supports up to 28 user terminals

AEQ said the first production units of its Xpeak intercom system are available for purchase now, following a period of beta tests with customers in the field, though it said it expects supplies to be limited for the first few months.

“Xpeak supports up to 28 user terminals in different formats: desktop, rack, wired beltpack, wireless beltpack and PC application,” it said. “All terminals interconnect with maximum operational flexibility and without the need for a matrix.”

Devices connect via WAN or the internet. If a user panel is configured to work remotely and is powered up, it will search and find the rest of the user panels within the network, which simplifies setup for remote productions.

The wired user terminals have Bluetooth and USB connections for various headset, headphone and microphone combinations, and facilitate connection with smartphones and PCs.

Stationary user terminals have eight keys and the belt-packs have four. Keys are arranged on two pages, doubling the number of users or user groups each panel can interact with. The units can also work as ser panels or terminals in large systems with AEQ Conexia or Crossnet matrix or be integrated into AEQ Easynet Party-Line Systems.

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