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AMS Neve Launches Neve 8424 Console

Aimed at project studios and educational facilities

AMS Neve 8424Studio console-maker AMS Neve has unveiled its latest console, the Neve 8424, a small-format desk based on the 80-series console range that is being aimed at project studios, educational facilities and small pro audios.

Intended for hybrid studios centered around an in-the-box workflow, the desk provides a center point between analog tools such as outboard gear, analog synths and the like, and the digital world of DAW workflows, software plugins and session recall.

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The 8424’s dual-input channel strip allows for switching between recording and mixing inputs without additional patching, providing connectivity via 24 line-level inputs, dual 1073 preamps, and dual instrument DI channels, allowing users to record directly in the control room. The desk sports a dual cue mix system with talkback/return talkback capability and dual headphone amplifiers.

As an analog mixing platform, the 8424 offers 24 DAW returns across 24 channel faders or, for larger DAW sessions, a 48-Mix mode that allows a total of 48 mono inputs with individual level and pan controls to be mixed through the 8424’s Marinair transformer-coupled stereo mix bus. Engineers can use the 8424’s mono and stereo aux busses to connect to outboard FX units and route them back into the console’s two dedicated stereo reverb returns. Also onboard are four mono groups with two-band shelving EQ, inserts, and direct outs. The 8424 has an onboard recall system, allowing the console to save, load, and recall all settings, faders and pot positions for on a session by session basis.

Harkening back to the Neve 80-series console of years past, the 8424 stereo mix bus provides true voltage mixing into Marinair transformers, while additional features such as stereo insert, two-band shelving EQ and Neve’s proprietary Stereo Width control give users additional tools with which to work.

Each channel, group and stereo mix bus has its own switchable insert point, while dual onboard 500 series slots allow engineers to customize their signal chain and build a modular hybrid recording system, all connected and centralized through the 8424 console.

The Neve 8424 console is shipping, with an MSRP of $24,950.