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Angry Audio Introduces Livestream Audio Processor

C4 is the first in a family of processors based on Chameleon technology

This month, Angry Audio introduced the Chameleon C4 Livestream Audio Processor. Designed for streaming and HD Radio applications, C4 is the first in a family of processors based on Chameleon technology.

Chameleon is the brainchild of Angry Audio’s audio processing architect Cornelius “Corny” Gould. According to the company, Chameleon uses a form of artificial intelligence to analyze the incoming audio and make processing decisions accordingly. Parameters are being continuously adjusted to fit the audio content, which means the same device can be used for virtually any format.

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Angry Audio, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in making “gizmos and gadgets,” said Chameleon is easy to deploy because most of its processes are done automatically.

“Plug it in, hook it up, flip a few switches and you’re done,” the company said in a press release.

Angry Audio’s Chameleon C4 Livestream Audio Processor, available now (photo via Angry Audio)

The C4 offers both analog and digital inputs and outputs, a built-in power supply, a powder-coated steel enclosure, and “generous design margins.” The audio processor has a list price of $989 and is available for shipping now.

According to the manufacturer, the C4 is geared towards broadcasters with HD Radio channels and/or livestreams in need of processing.

“It’s also great for content creators who wish to make their programs sound more polished and professional,” the press release read. “Plus, anyone who wants to comply with the new loudness recommendations from Amazon, Apple and others will definitely want one.”

Visit Angry Audio’s website to hear a live demo.

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