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AudioScience Adds Livewire+ AES67 to Iyo Dante

Provides core access to products from the Telos Alliance and its AoIP partners

AudioScience Iyo Dante
AudioScience Iyo Dante

Audio interface developer AudioScience has announced that its Iyo Dante line of interfaces now supports the Livewire+ AES67 audio over IP protocol.

Most Livewire+ AES67 devices can stream audio to and from an Iyo Dante interface including Axia Livewire+-enabled consoles and mix engines using the Livewire low-latency streaming format.

Because it supports the Livewire+ AES67 discovery and routing protocols the Iyo Dante and its Livewire+ AES67-compatible streams can be discovered and connected using Telos Pathfinder Core Pro VM/appliance or the legacy PathfinderPro software.

[What is AES67? Andreas Hillebrand explains.]

AudioScience President Richard Gross said, “The Iyo Dante Livewire+ endpoints have been developed as a direct response to increased Axia compatibility requests from AudioScience’s long-standing radio station audio card user base. The combination of the Telos/Axia open architecture platform with AudioScience’s technical expertise has helped us provide both a cost-effective and superior density solution in a 1RU.”

AudioScience has prepared instructions for making the best of the new feature.