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Bionics Puts Things in ConTEXT

Radio stations can add TV news-style graphics to live streams

ConTEXT by Broadcast Bionics is a dynamic graphics tool that allows broadcasters to add dynamic TV news-style graphics to live streams automatically and without additional TV production skills or staff. 

“ConTEXT offers the simplicity of entirely automatic operation, seamlessly presenting live callers, remote guests in-vision, and dynamic RSS feeds on screen,” the company says.

“Alternatively, users have the flexibility to take manual control, to edit text, add videos or images and seamlessly switch on screen graphics in real-time.”

It integrates with BionicStudio Director and vMix to create an enhancement to existing visualization workflows, enabling broadcasters to deliver polished live video streams without a dedicated graphics team. 

“ConTEXT enables users to build their own browser-based interfaces for controlling vMix layouts and templates, as well as incorporating video from studio cameras and details of live callers from BionicStudio Talkshow.”

A range of configurable manual and automated data sources can dynamically generate graphics based on the station’s EPG, RSS and social media feeds. Bionics says the tool’s ability to “democratize” the creation of video graphics and the control studio branding screens makes it a valuable tool for broadcasters needing to produce video content with minimal resources.

It also opens monetization opportunities through sponsor branding and tags.

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