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BP3600 Is an Immersive Audio Mic From A-T

It targets sports events, concerts and movie sets where 3D sound is deployed

Audio-Technica BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone

This isn’t a radio product, but we share it here knowing of the interest many of our readers have in all things audio.

Audio-Technica has launched the BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone, calling it “a premium broadcast audio tool capable of capturing stable, three-dimensional sound beds at sporting events, concerts, festivals, movie sets and more.”

Although it has eight capsule assemblies integrated into the body, A-T says the mic nevertheless is “compact and lightweight enough for single-operator usability and easy setup.”

It continues: “Direct routing is also possible, with no need for additional decoding or latency processing with 5.1.4-channel speaker layouts. This practical, state-of-the-art broadcasting solution captures realistic sound that will bring the recording location directly to listeners without the need for extensive equipment.”

The eight microphone modules extend out to form a cube. Each assembly in the eight-channel near-coincident array has a hypercardioid capsule to produce “ideally separated, discrete signals” and deliver immersive audio experiences “with ample spaciousness.”

Retail price: $5,140.

You can learn more about it here.