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Cleanfeed Adds Features for Podcasters and Broadcasters

Promises “a professional radio experience in their browser”

User screen in Cleanfeed

Cleanfeed introduced an enhanced set of studio tools intended for the use of broadcasters and podcasters.

The tools are housed in the user’s browser, with no requirement for external hardware or software. They include enhancements to Cleanfeed’s Clips feature and a new Player for longer cuts of audio.

[“Cleanfeed Offers Effective Remote Solution,” 2019]

“The tools give podcasters and broadcasters the functionality of a professional radio studio, straight out of their laptop,” the company stated.

“Features now give users the opportunity to give their listeners and guests a finished production experience, including the ability to play intro and background music, host a panel show or quiz with sound effects, review music, have guests comment on interviews or even play voxes from the public.”

Cleanfeed promotes its product as providing high-quality remote audio “as if you were in the same studio as someone else,” with low latencies and multitrack recording, controlled via a link in a browser.

The announcement was made by co-founder Marc Bakos. A blog post provides more details about the new features.