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Jocavi Launches WoodQuad Acoustic Diffuser

WoodQuad is a stylish quadratic diffuser produced from self-sustainable forest pine wood

Jocavi, acoustic treatments, WoodQuadTired of the boring-looking usual acoustic treatment panel?

Portugal-based acoustic treatment manufacturer Jocavi has introduced WoodQuad, a quadratic diffuser with a different look

According to the company, WoodQuad panels have an average diffusion coefficient of 0.63 per square meter and are produced from solid wood blocks. Intended for medium to large studios and control rooms, the panels were created in collaboration with studio and loudspeaker designer Dave Malekpour, from Professional Audio Design and Augspurger Monitors.

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The WoodQuad’s design is intended to provide a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequencies and provide hemispherical scattering for wide angles of incidence. As a result, the panel reportedly provides large spectrum bandwidth diffusion in a single integrated piece and has the uniform scattering properties of a quadratic diffuser.

This panel is made of solid sustainable pine with a finish of five different colors of veneer — pine, cherry, oak, sucupira, wengé and mahogany.

The WoodQuad was originally custom-created for a New Hampshire studio owned by U.S. record producer and talent scout Angelo Montrone, founder and CEO of Majestic Music. Montrone was involved in records from artists like Natalie Cole, Matisyahu and John Cale and in 2013 established Majestic Music LLC. The studio is an 1800s farmhouse that combines a world-class recording studio and a bed & breakfast, with the aim of creating a creative incubator for artists to work in.

Jocavi, founded in 1992, specializes in developing and manufacturing acoustic treatment panels for the professional audio industry. The company is distributed around the world through 59 dealers as well as official sellers, and it established a branch in the United States in 2018.