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JT Communications Releases SEPsoniX Broadcast Processor

FM broadcast processor packs features into 1RU box

JT Communications, broadcast processor, SEPsoniX, Sepsonix
JT Communications gets serious in the broadcast processor market with the launch of the SEPsoniX FM broadcast processor.

Jim Trapani of JT Communications explained, “The SEPsoniX was designed to basically parallel the old Orban Optimod 8100 features, but with additional features (like AGC, compression “freeze” composite clipper, post processing output, FM signal generator). I was concerned that many broadcast processors have inherent delay; this delay prohibits air talent from hearing the processed audio. This is particularly important when air talent is live. Typically they like to hear the processed audio.”

He adds, “It was not designed to compete with high-end processors with all the bells and whistles. It was designed for rapid setup, simple adjustments, and easy operation. This the word SEP (Simple Easy Processing) is what makes up the name SEPsoniX.”

The 19-inch rackmount hardware box features dual-band stereo compression, compressor-derived AGC, compression “freeze,” “ultrafast” per-emphasis high-frequency limiter, pilot level and phase controls, stereo generator with adjustable transient suppression (composite clipper), master composite output drive level, 6 pole 15 kHz low-pass and 19 kHz audio notch filtering and 50/60 Hz operation.

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The company says that there should be no processing delay.

There’s also an SCA/RDS input and a stream/processor output. There’s also optional PLL programmable FM signal generator for local monitoring of processed audio.

The SEPsoniX has a microprocessor-free design with all adjustments made via front-panel controls.

Price: $1,049.95; with FM tuner — $1,249.95.