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KPWR Installs a MaxxCasting System

It seeks to expand its reach beyond the San Gabriel Mountains

From Radio World’s Who’s Buying What page: “Power 106” in southern California has improved its coverage north of Los Angeles with a MaxxCasting system from GeoBroadcast Solutions.

KPWR(FM) is owned by Meruelo Media. “Power 106’s hip-hop format reaches more than 2.8 million listeners every week, and the audience is as diverse as the general population of Southern California,” GBS wrote in its press release.

“However, the residents of communities north of the market, in the mountainous region, do not receive broadcast signals from the main antenna farm located on Mount Wilson, where cities such as Lancaster and Palmdale are not covered.”

KPWR main station coverage map.

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MaxxCasting is a system of FM single-frequency networks with transmitters synchronized to boost the main transmitter’s signal. The KPWR system has three nodes. 

KPWR coverage map with a booster in Lancaster area.

GBS says MaxxCasting incorporates cellular network design and broadcast and SFN software tools including terrain data such as building heights, propagation tuning, analysis of vehicular traffic and demographics.

Tomas Trujillo, SVP finance and operations at Meruelo Media, told GBS it wants to reach more people on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains.

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