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Lawo Adds Remote Console Operation

Mix Kitchen makes remote console control possible

Lawo, Mix Kitchen, remote controlConsole maker Lawo has released the Mix Kitchen, a console remote control system.

The Mix Kitchen uses the Mackie HUI control surface protocol to provide the ability to remotely control Lawo mc2 console systems via any Mackie HUI-compatible control surface. Besides physical fader control, Mix Kitchen provides access to other things such as processing, bus control, presets, etc. It is both Windows- and Mac-compatible.

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Lawo Senior Product Manager Audio Production Christian Struck said, “The Mix Kitchen setup works almost out of the box: no additional Lawo hardware, retrofits or upgrades are required. Audio engineers can work with an inexpensive fader panel that supports Mackie HUI, e.g.Icon Platform X, Behringer X-Touch, their laptop, a mouse and a tablet.”