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New Sine Control PowerClamp Series Available

Rated at 200,000 amps-per-phase of surge suppression capacity

Henry Engineering, Sine Control, surge supressors, power protection equipment eSine Control Technology, maker of PowerClamp Surge Protective Devices, has introduced the new Series 200 PowerClamp models. It describes the AC power line surge suppressor as ideal for broadcast transmitter sites or any other installations that require clean and reliable AC power.

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The new Series 200 PowerClamp units are rated at 200,000 amps-per-phase of surge suppression capacity, and will be available for single-/split-phase and three-phase WYE electrical service in all standard voltages. The Series 200 units will suppress short-term power line surges to within a few volts of the sine wave, thus protecting transmitters from AC spikes that cause serious damage and unreliable operation. This new design also features internal LEDs to indicate if a fuse needs replacement, and remote status monitoring that can be interfaced to any transmitter remote control system.

Solid-state transmitters with switching power supplies are especially vulnerable to power line spikes and surges. These AC power disturbances often cause irreparable damage to power supply components. The new Series 200 PowerClamp surge suppressors will greatly reduce the chances of damage and keep the transmitter reliably on the air.

Series 200 PowerClamp units are housed in a NEMA-rated enclosure with all critical components hermetically sealed to prevent degradation. They are installed in parallel with the transmitter electrical service. Load-matching is not required, and power to the transmitter is not interrupted even if a PowerClamp fuse opens.